10 best Vietnamese foods in the world 

10 best Vietnamese foods in the world 

The conciergecom website of US travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler has chosen Nguyen Trai street barbecue bread (District 1 – Ho Chi Minh City) as one of the 12 best street food world…

1- barbecue sandwiches

2- Khot cake

Banh khot is one of the best dishes in the world in the poll at the International Street Food Festival taking place in Singapore 2013.

3- Pancake

One of the 40 best dishes in Vietnam voted by CNN.

4- Grilled sticky banana

(The dish is made by Ms. Ngo Thi Bich Thuy – sales in the area of ​​Phu Nhuan District, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City). This is one of the best food in the world in the poll at the International Street Food Festival taking place in Singapore 2013.

5- Beef Pho

No light-up signboards, no luxurious tables and chairs, and pho shops on the streets of Hang Trong street remind people of the taste of old street noodles.

Located right at the beginning of Hang Trong Street, the Pho restaurant is only open from 5 pm to more than 8 pm and is out of stock. More than two dozen low-plastic chairs, old-style bowls, a pot of hot broth set on a charcoal stove, dozens of boiled meat bags and a basket of pho noodles, the shop’s furniture was just that simple. Regular patrons come to eat for many years, not many people ask and remember the name of the owner, but only called “Pho pho”. The unique name from the sticky rice became the “identity” of the restaurant: one hand holding a bowl, the other holding a slurry chopstick, even though the hot bowl of pho is still on hand, it still has to … bring.

Beef noodle is chosen by CNN as the 28/50 best food in the world (2011).

Not many options such as beef, chicken, wine sauce … “pho” pho only has a true style of Hanoi noodle as writer Nguyen Tuan once wrote, it must be ripe beef noodle with enough crunchy pieces, fat bucket, cake Pho dai smooth, split green onions and lots of green onions. This weekend afternoon, it is easy to meet pho-addicted customers who eat two full bowls of bowls.

6- Nem square

Located modestly on the sidewalk of Dao Duy Tu lemon tea street with the signboard “Nem square crab tank”, the shop is a familiar address for those looking for a gourmet meal. Nem square shop is the most crowded at noon, the sidewalk and the small dining room almost have no vacancy. And if you come here on the weekend easy to see customers waiting.

Square Nem is voted by CNN as one of the most attractive street food in Asia.

As the name implies, the rolls here are not as long as traditional but small and square. Square spring rolls are said to originate from Hai Phong, but are now available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

7- Fish ball


“Backpacks” to Hanoi can not ignore La Vong grilled fish, it is the name mentioned regularly in every pocket travel guide book. The house is still rich in architecture of the old town – No. 14 Cha Ca Street, the place to preserve the intact fish of Hanoi for over a century.

This old street was called Hang Son. Anyone who knows Hanoi’s history must know that during the French colonial period, Hang Son street was invaded and lost its name and lost its mark. After that, the delicious dish of La Vong grilled fish was named Cha Ca street until now. Entering the old stained-tube house through the stairs of Doan family is the smell of shrimp sauce, the smell of fried fish on the small saucepan panes of fat water like teasing the hungry stomachs when it is dark. La Vong grilled fish is open from early morning to noon and from dusk till near night, always bustling with western and Vietnamese guests.

Author Patricia Schultz has put La Vong grilled fish dish in the book “1,000 places to know before you die” (1000 Places to See Before You Die). MSNBC news chose the restaurant La Vong grilled fish Hanoi at the fifth position in 10 places to know before … died (2003).

Mrs. Ngo Thi Tinh, who turned 93 this year, is the daughter-in-law of the Doan family: “On the full moon day of August, my husband bought toys for his youngest daughter, a statue of Mr. La Vong, fishing in the sky. strike with a tongueless boom. He told him that he was a talented and virtuous person, so that name was never deleted. He took the name La Vong for the shop because of his long-term desire. ”Until now, the window overlooking the 14th street still has the statue of Mr. La Vong sitting fishing as a reminder of the origin of the restaurant. this age.

Grilled fish is not a luxurious dish but very sophisticated when processing. The four types of fish that are commonly used to make grilled fish are the lentils (which live in the Da River, often caught in the dry season), fried fish, catfish, and fruiting fish. Vu fish is both rare and rare, so has little meat and is hard to find.

Lean fish meat is the most delicious and lean but increasingly rare and expensive, so now the restaurant uses the main fish. Grilled fish 14 home still baked on a pair of bamboo charcoal and flip the hands both sides are ripe yellow alike. “In difficult subsidies customers buy each pair of patties to target wine instead of serving as the present. Buy as much as you can. For more than a dozen years, the customers have been getting bigger and bigger, and my family has baked them, when they put them in a fat pan and put them on a charcoal stove to keep them warm. ”

La Vong grilled fish is suitable to eat on cold days but the habit also changes according to the needs of the tourist city. In the hot summer days, guests are still crowded in and out. Unfortunately, the charcoal stove was replaced with an alcohol stove.

8- Fried spring rolls

The “Spice Garden” restaurant of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi is the place to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to international visitors. The chefs are fried here to create more “versions” to suit guests from many cultures around the world.

Ms. Thanh Binh, the chef of the restaurant, said that this dish seemed simple, because she was so familiar with Vietnamese meals, but to make beautiful rolls, people have to work very hard. Rice paper (rice paper) choose a kind of light hand, keep fresh banana leaves overnight to let the steam in the leaves make it easier to roll. The mix must be flexible, smooth, and the eggs should be just enough so that they will not be too dry for the fire-proof, nor too wet, will be crushed when fried. When rolling relaxed hand to squeeze without a podium. Nem is only crunchy when it is put into old boiling fat. In order to keep customers from being bored, Ms. Thanh Binh has the secret to letting the oil cover half a roll and the fire always burns.

Spring rolls are voted by CNN as the Top 10 best dishes in Vietnam, spring rolls (spring rolls) and pho have long been considered ambassadors of Vietnamese cuisine.

Guests of the “Spices Garden” come from many different cultures, can abstain from pork or hard shelled seafood, so in addition to traditional pork spring rolls and crab spring rolls, here are more scallop spring rolls, shrimp spring rolls, spring rolls fish and vegetarian spring rolls (using tofu instead of meat). Fish n Roll is always sea bass mixed with cumin, add a little chili to deodorize the fishy smell. Scallops, crabs and crabs go warm with the laksa to spread the … True to the principle of balance of yin and yang in every tray of Vietnamese rice from past to present.

Each type of spring rolls, chefs choose how to pack stars to “look outside the guest to distinguish”, Ms. Thanh Binh said, “The most difficult scallops spring rolls, must be rolled up like a small bag, using bare onions instead. fastener; spring rolls fish with rice paper to form net; spring rolls are triangular and crab rolls are square. ”Therefore, spring rolls are no longer” conservative “for Vietnamese people, but flexibly transformed into unique rolls for international customers.

9- Crab vermicelli

From 2012, crab vermicelli was voted one of the most attractive dishes in Asia by CNN.

10- Bun cha

Located at the beginning of Dong Xuan market, “Nga cha Bun” is always crowded with customers. This is one of the few remaining vermicelli rolls restaurant in Hanoi. For three generations, Pham Thanh Hang (born in 1972) has sold bun cha at this alley. From the burden of her grandmother’s street vendors when the market opened, bun cha was a gift of the rich, until the time when Mrs. Nga – her mother made a brand and she took over for 5 years now. Simple shop with two wooden tables close to the aisle just a passerby.

The easiest difference to recognize when coming to Nga’s shop is the smell of bamboo grilled on charcoal. Not “industrial” as iron blisters turn out a tray full, each bamboo stick when grilled only four pieces of rolls are very laborious to choose. Bamboo is smart, it is not too young, it has a pungent smell, it is not too old, it is flammable on charcoal. “I have to choose the pattern, saw the bamboo into sections and soak the water for a few days to help the smell. One thousand pairs of bamboo is only enough for two months and then must be discarded for replacement. ”

Bun cha is voted as one of the 25 most attractive summer dishes in the world (2013).

From early in the morning, the pieces of pork knee are selected when still warm, chopped, sliced. Fresh onions because they can cause a burning smell. Grilled bamboo sticks for a long time because they have to flip continuously, the fire is not too big, “flipped the bamboo sticks on coals, Ms. Hang said.

Like many other dips, bun cha is the most important. In addition to rice vinegar soaked in garlic for sourness, Nga’s shop still retains the old sticky taste of Hanoi people, using boiled crocodile to keep the water clear. Crocodile broth has sour taste, hot summer guests can beam the whole fruit in a bowl of sauce. Crocodile vinegar is not as acidic as rice vinegar, but it is very mild to taste.